~*Uniqso Lenses

Ever wondered how I got my big eyes ?
Uniqso is my "secret" and guess what ? I want to share it with you !^^


 I wear big eyes circle lenses from Uniqso to complete my looks. They makes my eyes look bigger and they gives me the opportunity to change my eye color to whatever color I like !

If you are new to lenses I strongly suggest you read all about them here ! n_n
For more tips, tricks and fun stuff, visit Uniqsos blog.

I'm sponsored by Uniqso and thanks to that you guys get a 10% discount on your purchase
when you type in "hotti" in the checkout.

If you have any questions feel free to ask !

 My lenses from Uniqso !~ 
(Klick the picture to visit the direct link to the lenses I'm using on the specific picture.)

Dolly Eye Blythere Violet

 Barbie Bella 4 tones grey

Kimchi Flora Blue
Barbie Lace Blue

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