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Hello there cutiepie and welcome to my blog ! n_n

The name I usually goes by is Jackie or raiinb0wh0e. I'm a 20 year old Swedish Lolita who lives in the southern Sweden. I have a huge interest in Japanese street fashion, music, art, dancing and.. Well... Pretty much everything artistic. On my free time I hang out with my awesome friends, does makeup tutorials, partying, drinking tea and playing games online. 

I live in a very little village (countryside) called Sölvesborg. We're only known for our soccer-team MAIF and the fact that we every year host one of the worlds biggest rock festivals, Sweden Rock Festival. Visit it and we might ending up meeting ! ✍(◕ω◕❤)

I run my own business called Jackie Hotti Design. I simply design clothes, accessories, jeweleries and sell them. Feel free to visit my official facebook websight Here: ~Jackie Hotti Design~ For more info, klick the Jackie Hotti Design (currently under construction) tag in the pages-menu above ! 

That's all I think. Feel free to ask me anything ! owo

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