Wednesday, July 22, 2015

~*UNIQSO Tohsaka Rin Cosplay Wig Review

Finally I'm back with a new review for you guys ! ^_^

 Look: 5/5

This is a pretty natural looking wig that you don't need to wear only for cosplays. (I don't) I've gotten so many compliments about it looking like my real hair, both with and without the twintails. The wig looks like it does on the stockphoto, a slightly lighter color, but that's fine with me. I love that it comes with a bit different bangs then the rest of the wigs usually do. I also think it's fun that it comes with two detachable "ponytails" 'cause that gives you the possibility to play around with the wig and give yourself different looks with just one wig !

Fit: 5/5

This wig also has the hook-thingy going on in the back so that you can adjust the wig to fit perfectly. I have a very small head so I need it to be as small as possible and it fit's me perfectly, haha ! n_n

Quality: 3/5

I have to give this a bit lower score on the quality because it sheds hair like crazy sometimes when I brush it. I'm gentle with it but the hair has been falling of since the day I got the wig and I don't really know why. So be aware of that if you decide to order this wig. (Don't know if anyone else have been having the same problem with the wig tho.) Otherwise the quality of the hair on the wig is just as good as the rest of the wigs I have fom +UNIQSO ! n_n If you want your wigs to last as long as possible you can check out how to maintain them here~

I also got this wig-comb and it really works wonders with my wigs ! (I was a bit clumsy and accidentally broke the handle on it the first day I got it... But it still works fine for me ! ^_^)

That's all for this time ! o3o 

Don't forget the code "hotti" when you place your order and check out. You get a 10% discount on your order ! ^_^

xoxo ~Jackie

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