Wednesday, July 22, 2015

~*UNIQSO Barbie Romana Grey Lenses Review Curve: 8,6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 16,2mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months
Design: 5/5

I must say that I really adore this design ! It's interesting, fun and soooo cute ! From a distance it looks like you have kind of dark eyes with a hind of grey, but up close people really react to the design and they often ask to look a bit closer. (I'm so awkward that I always start laughing and winking alot when people do this 'cause they come really close and just stare at your eyes, haha.) I think this is one of my favorite designs on lenses. I also got grey/blue-ish eyes naturally with makes these lenses blend perfectly with my natural eyecolor ! (Just look at that closeup among the pictures further down in this review ! *^*)

Fit: 5/5

These lenses are just... Aaargh, soooooo comfortable ! I always wear them if I'm going out or something 'cause I know they're really comfortable and you don't get tired of them. So all good here ! ^_^

Quality: 5/5

They're easy to put in, they're soft and just.. Yeah ! I love these lenses, haha. I've been wearing them soooo many times (almost daily) and they're still amazing. (And whole, hahaha.) So I've got nothing "bad" to say over here either. Good quality lenses in my <3 !

Over all: 5++/5

As I've been writing in the review above. I really love these lenses, they're my favorites. (For now) They look amazing with different makeuplooks. They goes great with a cute and soft look as well as with a more dark makeuplook and style. People have told me that the lenses are scary yet cute, haha. Comfortable and just.. Amazing ! n_n They also give you an amazing enlargement on your eyes due to the size, the color and the design of the lenses. (You almost get alien-eyes, how awesome isn't that ?! :D)

~*Some Pictures*~

Without makeup

With makeup

Don't forget the code "hotti" when you place your order and check out. You get a 10% discount on your order ! ^_^

xoxo ~Jackie


  1. I really love the design of these cl's! Is my favourite at the moment!
    I want them in violet or gray idk
    Look so pretty on you <3

    1. I do to ! :D They're adorable ! I've had them in blue and black also a couple of years ago. (Kimchi Flower) I would totally go for the grey ones since they're amazing and goes well with pretty much any makeup, and If you (like I) have blue/grey eyes they blend amazingly.
      Thank you so much sweety ! <3