Saturday, July 25, 2015

~*Smart wig storage !

Hi cutiepies !

Trying to be a bit better when it comes to updating my blog. ^_^;

I found this awesome and really smart coat-hanger with 11 hooks on each in a random store not far from here called Eko:-. It's reallt good for storing your wigs hangning. (If you, like I, have high quality wigs they doesn't loose their shape while hanging. Just make sure they doesn't hang in direct sunlight since it can bleach the wigs a bit. n_n)

It's basically just ordinary coat-hangers made out of wood that's covered with velvet. Found them some weeks ago and they were really pretty and looked like they would work great as wig-hangers. And I was right ! They cost about $1 each so they're really cheap and totally worth their price !

So if you manage to find these somewhere I really do recommend them ! (I think that you can buy hangers like these at Maxi in Sweden as well and there they cost about $4)

This is just one way I store my wigs. Hope you have some creative idéas of how to store wigs. If you do please let me know ! ^_^


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