Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~*Uniqso promotion and random stuff !

*Hides my face in my hands*

Hi cutiepies !

Haven't really had the time or energy to be active as much online as I use to due to a lot of work with the Art&Fashion Fashion show and stuff. But hey, now it's summer and I've got loads of time again ! n_n

I'd like to begin with posting this link wich is to +UNIQSO s current promotions ! They have loads of fun stuff now during the summer and I hope you'll find something to spoil yourself with. :D

And now that that's done I'd like to tell you a bit about what I've been up to these last months.
*I've been working with Art Queen, 6 designers and 14 artists to do a fashion show called Art&Fashion Go Wild & Crazy. It premiered april 22th and since when we've also had a show in Hamburg. (Last weekend.) Next stop is Los Angeles !
*I've also been working with Yousei-Kai to make the convention Fairycon 2015 happen and that was an amazing weekend. I got to know loads of new and interesting people and I had so much fun !
*Together with all of these things I've been working at a recreation center to learn a group of adorable girls how to sew their own clothing and stuff like that.
*I've been on a short visit in Stockholm to see Marilyn Manson live and I also met some awesome people during that visit.
*I've met someone that made me extremly happy, even if we stayed in touch for a short period of time (sadly, we no longer) speak he still has a place in my heart.
*I turned 22 last month (The 11th of may) wooooh.. //not ^_^"

Well, now I need to keep going with my reviews and stuff before going away later tonight.


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