Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~*Northern lights and Solar Eclipse

Good afternoon sweetcheeks !

Now I'm pretty much up and running after falling asleep really late. (Woke up about two hours ago and it's 4pm over here..^^;)

Anyways, apparently there is Northern lights all over Europe (especially Sweden) some nights this week and I totally missed it yesterday, so tonight I'm planning to go to the lake and try to see some. It would be the first time and it would be incredible to see it since I've never done it before !

There's also a Solar Eclipse this friday, so it's an really weird, but exiting, week.

Working my ass of at the Art&Fashion show (almost) and we have the final rehersals this weekend.. So I really need to fix the last things before that. We also have a photoshoot this sunday with the clothes and stuff..!

Over and above that I work at a convention called FairyCon and it's only 3 weeks until the convention is up and running for 3 whole days. I'm super exited about that since I've never worked at something like that. My posts will be to take care of the fashion show (ofc) and also to guide one of the bands (My fellow friends Endigo and Kitcha from NANDA ?!) around and stuff. So basically I'll spend a day with two of my best friends that I haven't been seeing since last summer. YAAY <3

Well, I really need to go and get some stuff done. There will be another review up later today, so stay tuned. (Will also place a new order at Uniqso soon, wiiiih <3) And oh, I almost forgot ! I have at least two photoshoots that I will do in the near future. SO EXITET !!

... I really need to get my butt out of the bed...


~*I.Fairy Cara Blue lenses Review ! (Uniqso)

Aaaand it's official. I am the worst at keeping it all up, haha. But oh well, I do have another review for you ! n_n

Dont forget to use my code "hotti" when you chekout to get your 10% discount on you order ! n_n <3

Base Curve: 8,6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 16,2mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 12 months
Design: 5/5
I really like the design of these lenses. It's really pretty with the colors and the little "stars" in them. Far away it just looks like you have blue eyes, but when you look close it's a far mor "complicated" design, and I looove it ! (A little "minus" for the lighter "beige" colors in the lenses. They would probably look even better if the beige parts were light blue and just the stars in the design would be light beige. But I'm happy anyways !^^)

Comfort: 5/5+
These lenses are soooo comfortable ! I thought they wouldn't be, (I don't know why, I just got that feeling) but I was wrong. I can wear them a whole day without any problems. (If my eyes get a bit dry I use +UNIQSO s eyedrops. You can find them here.) Remember to never wear the lenses for too long, even if they're very comfortable.

Over all appearance: 5/5
These lenses gives you huge, dramatic blue eyes and they're sooo beautiful. (Especially with brown makeup since it makes your eyes pop even more. Add som sparkles and you have the perfect look.) They're good looking both close up and if you see them from a distance. Perfect for cosplay as well as for everyday use for a cute, damatic and girly look. (And they goes great with red and blonde hair^^)


Without flash

With flash. (Hahaha, they look kind of funny on this picture ! :"D)

Difference with and without lenses.


"Everyday" makeup and look with the lenses. 
(The wig I use on the photos is the Lolita wig AT and you can find it here. It will be a review on this beautiful wig up later also !^^)

This picture is taken with my frontcamera on my phone, that's why the quality is pretty bad.. D: 
But anyways~

I hope you enjoyed this review ! Also, a reminder. Check out Uniqsos promotions right here. (Free shipping. ;D)

Next up for review: The Lolita Wig AT. Coming up later today or tomorrow so stay tuned ! n_n <3
xoxo ~Jackie

Friday, March 6, 2015

~*Update !

Hello sweeties !

I'm alive and running, haha. I'm currently at Jennifers place in my cozy-clothes watching her brush her teeth and talking on the phone. (Pretty much at the same time !)

I have some reviews that I will post later today or tomorrow. I've been up to so much that I haven't really been able to blog. :c Been working on a fashion-show, been at meetings all the time and the rest of the time I've either slept at Jennifers place or been just home sleeping. I'm so tired all the time right now. Urgh.

Anyways, there will be reviews ! And until then you can check out +UNIQSOs current promotions right here ! (Spoiler: If you order over $10 you get FREE SHIPPING !! :D) As usual, use the code "hotti" to get a 10% discount on your order. And if you've missed it, the sell supercute Kigurumis now also ! *^*

Now I need to get some proper clothes and go to the stables with Jennifer ! n_n
Have a great day ! I'll write soon again.