Monday, December 22, 2014

~*Bohemian Barbie REVIEW ! (Uniqso)

Long time no see ! Eheh, I'm so sorry about that !

As usual I've got so much stuff going on it's pretty crazy. During my absence from my blog I've recieved some new wigs and lenses from the (as always) lovely +UNIQSO ! This time I'll combine a review for a wig and a couple of lenses who goes more than great together, so keep on reading sweety. ^_^

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Design: 4/5
I actually love the look of these lenses BUT I'll not give them 5/5 since I think that they only will go well (blend well) with grey and maybe blue eyes. I love the design. When I ordered them I actually thought that it was spiderweb as a pattern on them, well.. Turned out to be little "bows" and stuff and I'm happy wit that 'cause that gives them a more sweet look rather than "spooky".
Fit: 5/5
These lenses fits my eyes more than well ! I don't blink them out of my eye, they're really easy to put on and I don't even notice that I'm wearing lenses. ^_^
Quality: 5/5
I've always loved Uniqsos lenses since they have such good quality and these lenses are no exception. As long as you take good care of them they will last the year that they're supposed to ! Read all about how to take care of your lenses to make them last here ! 
Over all: 5+/5
The over all look with these lenses on light eyes are just amazing ! They do make your eyes look larger and they blend incredible well with grey eyes. Combine them with a brown or purple makeup to really make them pop. I wouldn't recommend these if you want a more natural look since the pattern is pretty detailed and contain bows and stuff. But for a really cute look they will work more than fine.

 ~*New design on the cute boxes the lenses arrives in !*~

Look: 5+/5

Got this wig home about a week ago (took about 20 days to arrive to Sweden) and I was happily surprised by it. I was afraid that the wig would be kind of thin. Well, turns out it's the other way around, haha. It is gorgeous and really thick. It's not shiny at all and it looks really natural. This is my only natural looking wig and I'm super happy with it ! *^* (The only thing I'm not sure If I like yet is actually the curls. They're just inbetween no curls and alot of curls. But that's my personal taste in wigs that makes me kind of doubt it sometimes, haha.)

Fit: 5/5

They still have the hook-thing going on in the back so you can adjust the size. Fits me really well just like the other wigs I got from them, so no complains at all about that ! :D 

Quality: 5/5

I don't think I've gotten a wig with bad quality from Uniqso ever. (I own 6 wigs from them.) This one is almost a bit better quality than the rest. It just look soooo natural and aaargh, haha. I'm so happpy I ordered it 'cause I was actually thinking about picking another wig instead of this one. Happy I didn't. It works as a cosplaywig as well as a natural everyday wig and I've gotten complimets about people thinking it's my own hair. 
A little - is that I've experiensed that when you brush it a lot of hair falls of. But that's probably just 'cause its pretty much brand new. If you want your wigs to last as long as possible check out how to make it happen here ! n_n

~*And here are some photos of the wig combined with the lenses !*~
Indoors in fair light. (No flash)

Indoors in fair light. (With flash)

 I think the look is kind of Barbie going bohemian, haha. What do you think ?

ෆ⃛*:・꒰ ૢ●௰ ૢ●✩꒱
xoxo ~Jackie