Tuesday, November 11, 2014

~*Cosplay Wig - D.Grayman - Cross Maria

Hi again cutiepies !

Another review for you guys. A wig this time. I think this one has replaced the Rozen Maiden one as my favorite actually, haha !
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Look: 5+/5

I LOVE the looks of this wig. It's just.. Perfect ! The color is really nice and the wig isn't shiny at all. I was a bit surprised over the color since it looked more brown-isch on the pictures but was much more red in real life. But I'm more than happy with it ! 
You can easily have a side-sweped bang as well as just a ordinary center parting without any lace showing. You can also put it up in pigtails if you want without risking that the lace shows. It's really thick ang just.. Gorgeous !

Fit: 5/5 

This wig as well as the rest of the wigs from Uniqso has that "hook"-thingy going on in the back so you can easily adjust the wig to fit you perfectly without any problems at all. 

Quality: 5/5

The quality is (as always) really good. Some wigs tend to be a bit shiny and become frizzy pretty fast. This is really not one of those wigs ! It's not shiny at all, it looks so natural and feels natural as welll. It doesn't get frizzy very easy and it's a very easy wig to take care of since it's not that long and pretty straight. (65cm) If you're a beginner with wigs this is definitely something for you ! Not only 'cause it's easy to take care of but also since it looks so natural when you weare it. 

Over all: 5/5

I am seriously in love with this wig, haha ! It's super nice and goes well with a more crazy look as well as with a natural one. I've gotten many compliments from people who actually thought it was my real hair. So I recommend this wig to.. EVERYBODY ! I also like that the wig is kind of "poofy"/fluffy and not all flat since I have a really round face. This suits me so well and just.. Wow <3

~*Some Pictures*~

This is how a really good and thick wig should look like from the inside !^^


This wig arrived very fast. About 4 days with express-shipping to Sweden and I was really happy about that ! ^_^

The wig on in fair light (indoors) with the Barbie Star Blue lenses.

Indoors with the Phantasee Gold Gaia lenses.

Indoors with the Barbie Bella 4-tones Grey lenses.
(My personal favorite combo right now actually, haha)

Stay tuned for more cute stuff ! :* 

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Cat Woman Lenses Review ! (Uniqso)

Hi all and a little late Happy Halloween, eheh !

Been up to so much lately and I'm behind at pretty much everything. It sucks the big one, but now I'm back on track again and I've got som reviews and fun stuff for you !

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Base Curve: 8,6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 14,2mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months

These lenses are supposed to be pretty simple and just.. Look like the eyes of a cat. But i still think they could be a lot more detailed to make them look even more realistic. Besides that I really like these lenses 'cause they actually does look like the eyes of a cat and they do make a great impression on people when you weare them. One great thing is that the color is very vibrant and the lenses doesn't let your own eyecolor shine trough at all. The whole in the middle is pretty small as well so your own eyecolor doesn't really "shine trough" there either ! ^_^

Comfort: 5/5
These lenses are incredible comfortable actually ! I did barely notice at all that I was wearing lenses.My eyes didn't become tired at all and they were just great to wear when I was away at halloween-parties and stuff like that ! 

Over all appearance: 5/5
I think these lenses looks great ! If you want to go for a cat-alike look you should try these with the makeup. They makes your eyes pop and look very much like a cats eyes. I would probably not were these as everyday lenses, but to halloween-parties and other costume-parties they will do great ! So I definitely recommend these since the whole effect they give is just.. Spooky and great !

Extra !
- I did have some trouble with my left lens spinning around and I had to fix it several times during the night, wich was kind of annoying. I do not know why it did like that 'cause the other lens was perfect. But yeah. Just the heads up ! 


(With flash)

Click the picture below to get to the lenses directly at Uniqso ! 

(Without flash)
 The black wig I'm wearing is the Kagerou Project - Actor wig from Uniqso. 
You can find it here.

A small cat-makeup tutorial ! =^_^= 

Start out by putting your lenses on and then do your base-makeup.

As you can tell by the picture above I don't have any eyebrows, so in this step I just add them like this. If you do have eyebrows just fill them in with a black/dark color !

Add some white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and drag it kind of down under your eyes as well. Add som black (It looks grey, I know. D: ) eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes. Continue to drag it above the white shadow and down along the sides of the bridge of your nose to create a sharper nose. 

After doing that you can highlight the bridge of your nose and underneath your eyebrows with some shimmering white eyeshadow. 

(I'm so sorry for switching side on this photo, don't know why I did it actually.. D: )

Next step is the eyeliner. Create a cat-eye with your eyeliner. Make sure you really mark your eyes underneath as well as above with the liner. Also add some extra "eyelashes" in the outer corners of your eyes. 

Add som black blush ! (I used black eyeshadow.)

Add mascara and falsies and voilá ! Your cat-eyes are done ! n_n 

This is "extra". Since I was going as a black cat I also drew on a black nose, some whiskers and filled in my upper-lip as the picture shows. I used a eyeliner to do this. :) 

I hope you enjoyed this review and small makeup-tutorial ! n_n
xoxo ~Jackie