Thursday, October 9, 2014

~*Mermaid Princess Makeup Tutorial Feat. Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet

Hi cutiepies ! 

Here's a makeup tutorial for all of you who wants to be mermaids during Halloween. We (mermaids) might not look as dangerous. But we do lure stray sailors in to the dept of the ocean, so watch out ! :* 

I'm not going to post what makeup I use again since I did it last time. (I'm using the same stuff to do this.) So if you want some information about what products I use, check it out here.

 Let's Start ! ^_^ 

Don't forget to sing the "mermaid song" while you do this makeup !

Okay, so. I start out by putting my lenses on, moisturise my face and then putting my base makeup on. This is what it looks like. Naked, I know. But the lenses are really pretty at least ! ^_^;
After doing that I put on a wig-cap all over my face. (I do have more than one, so yeah.) If you don't have a wig-cap you don't use you can take a pair of fish-net stockings. They works just as good. Just make sure it sits pretty "tight" around your face. And yes, you look really silly, haha ! If you (like me) have piercings, make sure they don't get stuck in the net !

Time to start the whole makeup ! I chose some green eyeshadow to start out with. I used a makeup-sponge (brushes works good too) and dabbed the eyeshadow around my face. After doing the green shadows I did the same with blue shadows and also with some purple ones. This is suppose to be "fish scales". When you're happy with the amount of color and the colors itself you can take of the wig-cap/stocking.
This is how it will look ! (sorry for the kind of "blurry" picture. D:) But hopefully you get the picture, eheh.
Eyebrow time ! I actually kind of "cheat" when I don't feel like doing my eyebrows and spend a lot of time on them. I have "pre-done" stenciles I use to get the brows kind of good looking fast. I start out with the light purple, then some light blue (blend them together) and i finish with the same green as i used around my face. (Actually, the three colors I use on my eyebrows are the same as the ones I use around my face.) If you do have natural eyebrows don't worry. You can still paint them like this. They will be a bit darker, but it will still work ! ^_^

 Time for eyeshadow ! I start out by putting a white shimmering shadow in the inner corners of my eyes. Then I add the purple to about half of my eyelid. After that I add the blue shadow in the outer corners of my eyes and work it towards the inner corners and out on the bridge of my nose. But I don't stop there. I "drag" the color down the sides of my nose to contour it and make it appear more "sharp". When that is done (and well blended) I add some white shimmering eyeshadow underneath my eyebrows to highlight and a kind of "champagne" color (also shimmering) to the middle of my nose-bridge. I really hope you do get what I'm trying to explain since I'm not that well at explaining things. Not even in Swedish, haha.. ^_^

More shadows, Hurraaaay ! ^_^ I carry on by using the purple underneath my eyes and blending it out towards my cheekbones.
Then I mark right underneath my cheekbones with the same purple. And I also highlight my cheekbones with the same "champagne" color that I used on my nose.
Eyeliner ! I do the "usual" cat-eye liner on my eyelid and kind of the same thing but upside-down underneath my eyes. In this step I also mark my waterline with a white waterline-pencil. I also put some light blue glitter-eyeliner on my eyebrows and some loose cosmetic glitter on my eyeshadows on my eyelid.
When all that is done I take some black eyeshadow and blend out the eyeliner underneath my eye. It looks kind of "dramatic" and much, but it's supposed to do ! I also add some white shimmering eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes, blending it downwards to get a really dramatic look.
Now we're getting somewhere ! I add some extra painted eyelashes with black eyeshadow both to the outer cornes of my eyes as well as underneath the eye. More drama ! Since we really want those sailors we need to look like we have really thick lashes and beautiful big eyes. Just so make sure they won't resist us. (;
Rhinestone-time ! ^_^ To make this look complete and really outstanding you can use rhinestones and other decoration-stones to do different "patterns" and stuff on your forhead and underneath your eyes. I Used stones that looks like pearls (after all, Mermaids do live in the ocean !) and a big heart-shaped stone between my eyebrows. Some shiny rhinestones underneath my eyes and some in the inner corner of my eyes. (Did you know that the stones in the inner corners of your eyes and other shiny things around your eyes and face makes you look more awake ? ^_^) As usual I glue the stuff on with my eyelash-glue.You can also paint some patterns on with a sparkling eyeliner if you want to ! Use your imagination and fantasy !

And last but not least, the eyelashes. I put mascara on (on both upper and lower lashes) before I put the falsies on. It's easier that way sine the lashes are so long. And yes, I have falsies both underneath and above my eyes to make the whole look as dramatic as possible.

Add some color of your choice to your lips and voilá ! You're done ! :D I also added a wig to this look. (A rhapsody one.) I would suggest getting a pastel-colored one from +UNIQSO. One of the most mermaid ones they have is the "rhapsody" alike Lolita Wig I. It would look gorgeous with this look !

Good luck luring the stray sailors your way ! ;) 

Okay, so i found this thing... And I have no idea of what it is or what it's used for....

I've never seen anything like it. Like.. It looks so weird. But at least it's shiny ! Urgh, still no clue of what this is...

Oh, wait !! I got it ! It's a thing for your hair. You brush it with this weird thing. I think it's called a dinglehopper. Yeah, that's right. A dinglehopper ! It works wonders with my hair, haha ! n_n
(Picture is a link directly to the lenses !)

Thank you so much for watching ! And if you do decide to try this makeup on, don't forget to tag me (raiinb0wh0e) on instagram and twitter. or do a hashtag #raiinb0wh0e on instagram and twitter ! n_n You can also check some other Halloween makeup inspirations here.

Good luck, and have fun ! :* 

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Chaos as usual.

Hi cupcakes !

This last week has been really weird for me actually. I've been crafting a lot to take my mind of things and to focus on stuff I like.

Last weekend P decided to get drunk and start a fight again, as usual. And this time I got tired of it and deleted him everywhere. I Honestly hope I'll never get to see him again since these past 5 months has been really screwed up 'cause of him just playing around with me. So yeah.. I've been kind of sad. But it's all so much better now. Also, I've got soooo much stuff to look forward to actually !

Tomorrow me and Andreas is visiting Kristianstad mostly for fun, but also for eating Sushi. It's his first time eating it, so we'll have to see how it goes, haha. I'm also going on a little shopping spree since we're in town. And on Saturday (day after tomorrow) I'm going to Hässleholm to visit Jannica and her child Lowa who is turning 1 tomorrow ! And on the evening I'm going out clubbing with some of my friends to celebrate Jennifer who turned 21 a couple of weeks ago. So much fun going on. :D Also, in about 2 weeks my beloved friends +Endigo and Kitcha is coming to visit for some days. I miss them sooooo much. Especially Endigo since he always makes me happy and gives the best hugs _ever_.

Also, I'm currently working on another makeup tutorial for a Mermaid look. I'll probably post it later tonight. ^_^

Now I'm going back to work with the music on the loudest possible !

xoxo ~Jackie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

~*Makeup tutorial feat Barbie Star Blue lenses !

Hi cutiepies !

Today I'm actually going to post a makeup tutorial. The original one is done by Mashyumaro on her blog. ( This one is my way to do it. Kind of a "re-work". I hope you enjoy it ! ^_^

This is what I use to do this makeup:

Before I even think of doing my makeup I moisturise my face 1-2 times depending on what kind of makeup I'm going to wear. If it's a regulare day (not painting my whole face white or stuff like that) I do this one time before I start to put my base makeup on.

The moisturiser I use is the Garnier Nordic Moisture Match for formal skin since I'm "oily" sometimes and dry sometimes. If there's a certain spot where I'm extra dry I use this twice there. You can by this at H&M. (Atleast in Sweden.)

I'm not going to show you how I put my base on since It's different for everyone. My way may not suit you at all. But this is the products I use.
1. Concealer. I use the TRUE MATCH concealer from L´OREAL in color nr.1 since I'm so pale. I use this underneath my eyes, around my noce and to cover up some red spots I might have in my face.

2. Foundation. This one is the FITme foundation from MAYBELINE in color 110. Also very pale and it work's great for me ! I use a makeup-sponge to make it as even as possible. (No brushes.)
3. Powder. For this tutorial I used the Mineral Compact Powder in color 20 (Translucent sand) from IsaDora. The color is actually a bit too dark for me, but my regular powder was out of stock when I went shopping for makeup last time and this was the palest one I could find. Works great with a powder-brush.
4. Blusher. This one is number 18 (Sweet Rose) from H&M. It's a perfect color for me and it's really cheap. BUT be careful with this one, it tends to give you too much color on you cheeks if you aren't used to it !

All this products (except the blusher) is from the local store where I live. You can also find them at H&M and places where they sell "regulare" makeup.

Circlelenses is something I do find almost necessary for this makeup. It just looks better. (In my opinion ! ^_^)

1. Circlelenses. These are the Barbie Star Blue lenses from ----> The color is amazing and goes great with this makeup. (Don't forget to use my code there ! "hotti" for a 10% discount on your order.)
2. Lens Solution. I use Bausch&Lomb ReNu for my lenses. It works well and you can find it everywhere to buy.

Brushes ! It's pretty importand to have good brushes when you do your makeup. I really don't know how I survived befor I got my brush-kit. The pink one (32 brushes) is from Ebay actually. I think It costs about 10 Euros or something like that. They're pretty and works wonders ! (Syntethic so no animals were harmed.^^)
The black brush is from my local store I think. I use it for powder and blusher. And the last one is from H&M. I use it to blend the shadows. I think it costs about 4 Euros.

Now to the fun stuff ! ^_^
1. Eyeshadows. This palette is from Ebay and contains 180 shades of eyeshadow. It's really cheap (18 Euros) and the colors is actually really good and sticks well to your eyelid both with and without a primer.
2. Extra eyeshadow. This one is the STELLA (black with sparkles) from Sugarpill Cosmetics. (animal cruelty-free !) The pigment in this shadow is sooo amazing and it's the BEST black eyeshadow I've ever owned.
3. Eyeliner/waterline pencil/mascara. The Eyeliner is a cheap one from H&M (I really like their cosmetics actually.) that works like a pencil and it's very easy to handle. The waterline pencil (white) is also from H&M. And the mascara is VOLLAÉ CLUBBING Maxi long mascara. I found this one in the local store for about 2,5 Euros and I gave it a shot. Turns out this is a really good mascara and I really love it. So if you do find it I really recommend it.
4. Primer. Sometimes I use primer, sometimes I don't. But the one I use is the H&M one for about 6 Euros. It works well with all my shadows.
5. Face paint. The one I use is the Aqua Make Up Fard a'leau for fantasy makeup. I think it costs about 5 Euros and I use it to make the dots and draw the lines in this makeup. You can probably find this one in masquerade-stores or simulare in random stores. After all, it's Halloween soon ! n_n

Rhinestones ! I have loads of them. For this tutorial I'll be using clear ones. You can use blue ones or some other that you think would go well with this makeup. I get them kind of everywhere. Ebay, random stores where they sell stuff for scrapbooking and nailart.

Eyelashes !
1. The upper lashes. These ones are the Kryolan Showgirl SG-1 that I found online. They cost about 9 Euros and you can probably find simulare ones on Ebay for half of the price. But i fell in love.. ^_^;
2. Glue. This is the thing I use to get the rhinestones to stick to my face as well as for the lashes to stick. It's from the local store and costs about 5 Euros. The one I use is LashGrip. I find this one to be the best.
3. Tweezer. This one is from Depend and it's actually for your eyebrows but who gives a damn about that ! I use it to get tricky eyelashes to stick to the right place instead of my fingers. There's probably tweezers made for that somewhere out there, but I don't have any, haha.
4. The lower lashes. I put them underneath my eyes for a more dramatic look. These ones are cheap ones from Ebay. (10pairs for 1,5 Euros) I took a lash and cut it on the middle to make these two. One for each eye ! ^_^

Extras !
1. Lipgloss. This is optional. I use a very natural color on my lips to make the eyes pop even more. (Like that's necessary, haha.) This one is a Pierre René Sweetberry and it smells AMAZING ! *^* Also, it has sparkles and who doesn't love that !
2. Eyeliner. This is also optional but I think it completes the look. It's a glitter-eyeliner that I found somewhere for 1 Euro or so. As i wrote, sparkles <3
3. Mirror. A pretty mirror so you can see yourself when you do your makeup. Othewise this will probably be very intesting...

 Let's get started !

I start the whole makeup by putting on my lenses and moisturise. After that I do my base and this is how it looks. I look soooo naked ! ;A; Haha, but don't worry ! It will be better, soon.

(Aren't the lenses just to die for btw ?!)

 After doing my base I draw my eyebrow on (since I don't have any. Yes, I do shave them of.) I also put the primer on my upper eyelid and underneath my eye since we're going to have eyeshadow there too.

Time to start shading, haha. I put white shadow in the inner corner of my eyes. Both on the upper lid and underneath the eye. I know this picture doesn't show It so well and I do apologise for that. And also, my white shadow isn't the best. D: For this makeup look to look good you'll have to blend the shadows well !

 After that I put on a light blue shadow in the outer cornes of my eyes and I do kind of "sweep" it around the white shadow and up to mark the bridge of my nose. (Apparently I totally missed to photograph this, I'm sooooo sorry ! D:)
After doing that I take a darker blue do define the line in the outer corner of my eye and blend it together with the light blue shadow. I also put the darker shadow underneath my eye and blend it together with the white one. I also put some white eyeshadow underneath my eyebrow (blending it together with the blue shadows) to highlight.

After doing that I put the eyeliner on. I'm no pro at this, so yeah... But I follow the line i made with the eyeshadow in the outer corner of my eyes.

This is how it looks !

As you might have noticed (or not) the blue coros I use are kind of "metallic" and sparkling. I find this very pretty and it gives an extra touch. n_n

This is my attempt to do Mashyumaros "signature swirl" underneath the eye. Haha, really not a pro at this. But if you practice you'll get better.
I draw the line with a liquid eyeliner or a eyeliner pencil and I follow the lower lashline up to the outer corner of my eye where I draw the liner down, following the line i made with the blue eyeshadow.

After that I take some black eyeshadow and kind of blend out the lines. This is what it looks like. You can use more black to do this, I went kind of "safe" when I did it this time actually. (This is the third time doing this makeup I think.)

Now we're getting somewhere ! ^_^

Now it's time to dot away !

I use the white fantasy-makeup and a very small brush (makeup brush) to do the dots and the white lines. The stones sticks to the inner corner of my eye by eyelash-glue. I use a tweezer to put them there. If you want to (in this step) you can also add som glitter eyeliner to your eyebrow and above your black eyeliner on your eyelid. (Not on the black line but above it.) My camera doesn't capture the sparkles at all, sadly, so I didn't put these on this time. If you do have cosmetic glitter you can use this on your eyeshadow as well. I usually do that too. Man, I must be like a vampire from twilight around my eyes when I do this makeup, hahaha ! If you want to you can add som swirls with black eyeliner around your eyes also in this step, and some black strokes underneath your eye to make it look a bit darker. You kind of draw some eyelashes on underneath (along with the white lines if you want to.)

Almost done ! n_n
Time to put your lashes on. Before I glue them on I use the mascara and I use the white waterline pencil to mark my waterline. The upper lashes might be tricky if it's the first time using lashes that long. (these are about 3cm.) But you'll make it. :D I also put on the lower lashes.

To complete the look I glue on some rhinestones. You can put them wherever you want to. I usually have one (or more) on my forhead and some underneath my eyes. There are loads of colors and shapes ! Play around until you are happy with the result.

This is the final look ! (This picture is taken about a week ago and I did have the rhinestones on a slightly different place that time and I also did have more dots around my eyes.)

This takes me about 1 hour to do. So make sure you have time to do your makeup and don't stress ! It will be awesome when you're done. :D

Good luck and stay fabulous cutiepies ! n_n

(Also ! The wig on this picture is the Final Fantasy Sephiroth Cosplay wig from Uniqso that I've cut bangs on.)

xoxo ~Jackie

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

~*Happy B-day hun !

Good afternoon cutiepies !

Today it's actually one of my closest friends birthday ! Jennifer turns 21 and I've known her for about 16 of those years. Time  flies... I do wish you the best of birthdays and hope to see you soon. (When you don't have so much work to do. ;D) I love you ! <3

The picture is taken on the boat on our way home from Poland the spring of 2009 after a class-trip. Still the same haircolors 5 years later. ;) 

xoxo ~Jackie