Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~*Barbie Star Blue Review + Eye drops ! (Uniqso)

Good morning sweetiepies !

I'm back with a new review for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it. n_n

Klick on the link below to visit +UNIQSO right now !

Base Curve: 8,6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 16,5mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months.

Design: 5/5
These lenses have a pretty interesting design that remindes me of snowflakes and winter. I think they're super cute actually ! As you can see on the picture above they have a star around the middle and the whole design kind of "fades" out to black. I really like this design since it makes other people look twice at your eyes to have a better look at what's going on there, haha. 

Comfort: 5/5
One word. Wow... You don't even feel that you're wearing lenses when you have these on. I have some lenses that's a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. These ain't one of them ! I can were these 8 hours straight without any problems. (Even some extra hous if i use the Eye Drops from Uniqso.) 

Enlargement: 5/5 
Since they're so big (16,5mm) they give your eyes great enlargement even if you're wearing darker makeup. (Darker makeup tends to make your eyes smaller.) 

Over all appearance: 5/5
I really love these lenses. They goes great with some more crazy makeup-looks as well as with a more natural mameup. But I would recommend wearing these with a more fun makeup-look since they make the look complete. Since they're so blue they really makes your eyes pop and they makes people take a second look at your eyes. I really love these ! 

~*The Lenses*~

~*More Photos*~

(Klick on the picture above to get to the lenses directly on Uniqso !)

(The wig I'm wearing on the pictures above is the Final Fantasy Cosplay Wig Sepiroth from Uniqso. I've cut the bangs on it and teased it a bit to make it go with my style. And I love bangs, eheh.)

Also ! 
If you tend to get dry eyes or can't wear your lenses as long as you'd like to, check out Uniqsos Eye drops ! (Klick on the picture below to order now ! n_n)

I ordered the eye drops with the Barbie Star Blue lenses and I love it. It makes the whole "lenses-experience" so much better ! No dry eyes and I can wear my lenses a little bit longer than I normaly would. (If I'm going away for a party or stuff like that.) So I really do recommend you buying these with your next order of lenses ! But first read if it is okay to instill eye drops whilst wearing contact lenses.

Also ! Don't forget to use the code "hotti" when you place your order to get your 10% discount ! :*

 xoxo ~Jackie

Saturday, September 13, 2014

~*Going Hippie !

Hi cuties !

So... I've been soooo bad at posting more personal stuff here, but I'm trying my best, haha !

Tonight I'm actually attending a theme-party since a friend of mine is turning 18 tomorrow. The theme is Hippie and believe me when I say I've had som struggle with finding the right things to wear.

Went trough my closet at the place I'm currently living at and found... NOTHING ?! What the heck.. Well, lucky me my little sister is kind of a hippie. We went home to my mums place and browsed trough our closets when I saw that I still have the yellow dress I bought at High Chaparral (A Swedish western/indian theme-park) many years ago. I kind of never wear it, but I though what the heck. Turns out it does go great with the whole hippie/flowerchild look and I'm super-exited about tonight ! I even got my new wig from Ebay home. (Kind of in the wrong color since it was suppose to be a bit darker blonde than I am, but turned out to be orange/"ginger". Still pretty though and it goes great with the rest of the outfit.) I also found a flower-crown when I went shopping this monday with some friends and then i borrowed some "hippie-sunglasses" in yellow/orange from my sister. So tonight she, me and loads of other people are going to "hippie-away", haha.

Since I haven't gotten ready yet (waiting for Bella) I won't post any pictures of the outfit and makeup yet, but I will asap ! (Maybe later tonight if I'm not too tipsy. ^_^;)

Now I really have to go and find my makeup-stuff aso. ;A;

Have a GREAT saturday cutiepies.

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Say hello to Lilithium Shop !

Good morning cherrys !

As you might have noticed, there's a new link on the right side on my blog to Lilithium Shop ! Say a BIG Hello and Welcome ! ^_^

(Klick the picture to visit Lilithium Shops Facebook page !) 
 This is my first review for the company. (The owner is very sweet and nice to talk to, always a big plus ! ^_^)

So, I let the shop "surprise" me with the order and I got some really cute stuff ! Lilithium Shop is located in Portugal if I'm not totally lost. The package arrived within 5 working-days, but I couldn't pick ut up until some days later. A VERY big blus for fast shipping ! ^_^

~*The things I got*~

Two adorable hairclips !



So, this is what I got and I'm very happy about it ! 
The bracelets are really cute and matches with the whole Lolita look as well as Pastel-goth and they're easy to put on and take off. The pearls is really cute and I LOVE the color on them. They go so well together. I also don't need to worry about them breaking or stuff like that, they're really well made. 

The hairclips was a lot bigger than I thought actually, I was surprised about that. But they goes great with a very cute style (Lolita) as well as "everyday-fashion". I like the colors even though yellow isn't one of my favorite colors this one is beautiful. This pieces are also well made and you don't need to worry about stuff falling off or loose ribbons or stuff like that. A big plus for sending two of them in different "directions". (You can wear one on each side and not just two on one side !) 

And then there's the adorable necklace that (apparently) are made for me specially. I just.. It's so cute, haha ! Couldn't handle it when I opened the package. Usually I wear collars and chokers since I'm not that in to long necklaces, but this one is a good lenght and is really pretty to wear. It works well with the rest of the stuff I got and also with Lolita-style as well as pastelgoth or just ordinary everyday fashion. It's a very well made piece and I love wearing it since I've gotten compliments about it being so freaking cute ! ^_^ (Also, Pink is kind of my favorite color along with pastel-lilac, so that's also a plus !)

I would totally recommend you guys to check out Lilithium Shop and place an order ! If you do so by the Etsy app (Lilithium Shop on etsy) you get a 15% discount. And YES, they do ship worldwide ! So check them out ! :D <3

~*Some Pictures*~

Also ! The stuff came in these. HOW CUTE ISN'T THIS ?! (/.\) <3

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Cosplay Wig - Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz Review !

Good evening cutiepies !

I've got another review for you from +UNIQSO . It's actually on my (so far) favorite wig _ever_ !

 (Click the picture above to visit Uniqso right now ! ^_^)

Look 5/5+

This wig is just.. ARRGH ! So pretty ! This was my first wig to be sposored with from Uniqso and just.. Wow ! I saw the picture on their website (the one above) and decided right away that this was the one i wanted. And I was not disappointed, thats for sure ! The second I tried it on i was just in love with it. The curls are beautiful and the color is really pretty. It's a mix between three different purple tones I think. I thought it would be more "silver" when I ordered it, but It's actually more purple in real life and I'm super happy about that ! This is also a long wig and it goes great with the whole pastel-goth style as well as sweet/hime lolita. I just.. Fell in love instantly ! 

Fit: 5/5
This one as well as the other one I've got from Uniqso has the hook thing going on in the back so you can adjust it to fit you pretty much perfectly. 
Tip: IF you are afraid of the wig falling off when you're out partying or doing stuff like that you can use some bobby-pinns to secure it safely. (That's what I do !^^)

Quality: 5/5
The quality is impeccable. It's not that shiny as many wigs tends to be and the curls bounces back right after you've brushed it ! It doesn't show any lace or cap either, wich is really great. It's very thick and just.. Wow. Amazing ! I've actually had people who have been asking if it's my real hair !

Over all: 5/5+
I love everything about this wig ! I thought of cutting som bangs on it, but I didn't since It was just too pretty when I got it home. ALTHOUGH ! I wouldn't recommend it as a first time wig. Why ? 'Cause it's a very long wig (90cm) and it's curly as well. If you aren't used to wigs you could easily ruine it if you don't know how to take care of it. So be careful. But if you're looking for a amazing cosplaywig this is definitely it. I also think that this wig works wonders on ordinary days as well as with cosplays. It's different but not too different if you get me. ;) 



~*The wig on me ! ^_^*~
(Click the picture above to visit Uniqso and order the wig right away !)

(Night-time, outside with webcam !)

 Don't forget to use my code "hotti" in the checkout when you have ordered ! Help me help you. n_n

xoxo ~Jackie

Friday, September 12, 2014

~*September Promotion Uniqso !

Hi sweeties !

I'm back with the September promotion from +UNIQSO !

You all know that Halloween is just around the corner and I hope you are as exited about it as I am ! I'm a really biiiiiig fan of Halloween. :* Uniqso has TWO promotions right now that I think you all should check out right away.

Click the pictures to visit right away ! n_n <3

~*Me wearing the Kimchi Floral Blue lenses*~

Make sure you make everyone go WOW when you enter the room this Halloween, I know I will !

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Cosplay Wig - Final Fantasy - Sephiroth Review !

(Klick to visit Uniqso right now !)

Hi bonbons ! I haven't been here for a while and I'm sooo super sorry for that. :( But now I'm back with a review for you ! ^_^ This time it's a cosplay wig from +UNIQSO ! I hope you enjoy it.

Look: 4/5

The wig itself is really pretty and works great with cosplay looks ! It's a tiny bit shiny in the beginning, but I spray it with dry-schampoo to make it less shiny. It's easy to make your wigs look natural. The color in real life is more kind of a light grey (silver) mixed with white so It's not really snow-white. At least not in daylight. If you photograph it with good lightning (flash) it becomes white in pictures though ! It has a great lenght (80 cm) and actually looks longer when you wear it than it does on the picture on the website. (I really love long wigs !) You can style it without the cap showing and that's a really BIG plus since I'm always afraid of showing the lace inside and stuff. It's pretty thick also, wich kind of surprised me. Usually when you buy straight wigs they tends to be really thin and not good looking at all, but this is perfect !

Fit: 5/5

Since the wig got that "hooks" going on in the back it has a perfect fit ! You can adjust it so it fits you like you want it to. I wear the hooks as tights as you can since I've got a really tiny head when all my real hair is in the wig-cap, haha ! n_n

Quality: 5/5

The quality on this wig is just amazing ! It's a bit shiny, but as I wrote before, you can use some dry-schampoo to make that go away. It's pretty easy to brush even though it's so long and it doesn't lose that much hair when you brush it either. The tips doesn't get frizzy either and that's really good. (I tend to make that happen, eheh.. D:) It's easy to take care of and really easy to style so no complains here !

Over all: 4/5

The over all look is actually amazing, but not on me I think. I've got a very round face (;_;') so I look kind of weird in it in some angles. But it's a very pretty wig if you do have a face that isn't so round, haha. I miss the "puffiness" that I usually have when I wear wigs and I think that's the main reason it's not my favorite wig. But I do use it and I've got many compliments about it on partys and stuff. :)

~*Some Pictures*~

Closeup ! ^_^


It took about 2 weeks (14 days) to arrive to Sweden and I'm really pleased with the fact that it arrives so quick ! ^_^ This is how it arrived. (All wigs from Uniqso arrives packaged like this.) Remember to keep the plastic bag if you want to store your wig properly and don't have any hangers or stuff like that. :)

~*Me wearing the wig*~  

On this pictures I'm also wearing the Barbie Bella 4 tone lenses in Green !

(Click this picture to visit and order the wig right away !)

As you can see I changed the fringes from side to middle in some pictures without the cap or lace showing ! n_n

Thank you so much Uniqso ! <3

Stay tuned for mor reviews and cute stuff. :*

xoxo ~Jackie