Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~*Summernights !

Konnichiwa sweeties !

I'm seriously almost melting away over here. ;A; It's so damn hot like.. Everywhere. I can't even go out as a lolita right now, It's waaaay too hot for that. :c (Not the typical Swedish weather with rain and stuff.)

Soon I'm off to the lake with a bunch of friends to bath, play some guitar, party and just have fun. Can't wait. (Robin and LjungLjung is sooo slow at eating. I want to go now. D:)

Also, it's like.. Chaos everywhere. Seriously. All my friends are changing partners and I'm still madly in love with N. Can't help it and I really don't know how to make it go away. I just wish it would all go away right now. I don't need so much drama in my life as it's been the last year. Wooh, eheh.

Well, I'm off to have a great time with my beloved friends ! Hope you all have a great day, evening and week ! ^_^

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Happy Jackie is Happy !

Good morning cutiepies ! ^_^

I almost run out of the bed today. Why ? 'Cause I thought that my Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival tiered jsk had arrived today. And guess what ? It had ! *^*  I'm so happy right now and it's sooo pretty, almost can't handle it. =w= I'm going to post pictures later, but right now I need to clean my room and then work on some more reviews for Uniqso. ^_^

I hope you all are doing well, I'll update asap again. :*

xoxo ~Jackie

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~*How do I take care of my wigs ?

Hi there bonbons !

One of the most ordinary questions I get is "How do you take care of your wigs ?" so now I've decided to tell you guys how I do ! This isn't neccesary the right way to do it, BUT it works fine for me. ^_^

1. Brush them ! This is sooo important. I do remember when I got my first wig. I was a bit bad when it came to brush it, and believe me when I say that it was so stupid. I can't wear that wig anymore at all, sadly. But i learned my lesson. What kind of brush do I use ? I actually use and ordinary brush (and some times a combe) with wide teeth to detangle the wig. I would suggest you guys to get a tangler teezer since they're really good to use when it comes to wigs.

How often do I brush my wigs ? I do it after using them, almost everytime except if I'm in a hurry. That way you don't have to brush them before you are going to use them the next time, except maybe a little fixing with the brush to style the wig. :)

When I brush them I start at the tips and work my way up do avoid more tangles and destroying the wig and the curls. (If the wig has curls) Also, If the wig has curls I try to brush them "one and one" and not all together and then wrap the curl around my finger to make sure it stays like a curl.^^

2. Wash them ! This is also important. I have friends who have never washed their wigs and they're wonderníng why it looks like a birds-nest. When I do this I fill my bathtube up with like 15-20 cm water and just a little baby-schampo (or wig shampo if you have some) and then I soak the wig in it for about 10 minutes. I DON'T "drag" the wig around in the water since it makes it tangle alot. I just soak it and maybe uses my fingers a bit to take care of some stains in the lace or something. (Usually makeup/foundation) It has happpened that I've gotten mascara in the wig (...) and then I've been using my fingers to gently rub away it in the water. 

After washing the wig I put it on a towel to make sure that most of the water goes away and then I hang the wig on a hanger (the ones you use for your clothing) and hang it somewhere with a towel underneath in case there's still some water in it. (It alwas is) I let if hang there for about 12-24 hours and then I brush it to make sure there's no tangles or stuff in it. :) 

3. Storage them well ! When I don't use the wigs I keep them in their original plastic bags with the netting arund them. The wigs I most often use I keep hanging on little "hooks" for clothing underneath my mirror in my room. The hooks I use are from (surprise) Ikea, haha. They're in no way pointy and doesn't damage the wigs at all. Although, If you aren't carefull the wigs sometimes falls down. So make sure they hang properly. :) 

4. Extras ! Sometimes when there are some stubborn tangles I like to use some leave in conditioner (for kids) to make it easier to detangle them. It also makes them smell good and makes them look pretty. ^_^ Sometimes I even use some hair-oil in them to just give them the finale touch when I'm going out. This washes away in the water when I wash them ofc. I especially uses the oil on the hair-tips to make them less frizzy. I buy the leave in conditioner and hair oil in our local store. (Ica Maxi in Sweden) The leave in conditioner is about $6 and the hair oil is about $14. :) 

If I think the wig is too "shiny" I use just a tiny bit of dry schampo in it to make it less shiny. :D Just a tip !^^

I hope this helped you on your way to become a wig-owner ! ^_^ <3 

xoxo ~Jackie

Sunday, July 20, 2014

~*Uniqso Promotions !

Hi cupcakes !

Keep track on Uniqsos current promotions by visiting them here:

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xoxo ~Jackie

~*Phantasee Nebulos Mini Sclera Lenses Review (Uniqso)

Hello there cutiepies !

It's been so much (again) and I've sadly been sick for almost a month, so I haven't really been able to do my makeup and were lenses. :c But here's my next reviwe from +UNIQSO  ! ^_^

Klick on the link below to visit Uniqso NOW !

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 17mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 6 months

The design looks pretty "simple" when you just look at the lenses quick. But if you take a closer look you'll see that the color you thought was blue really is white with small light-blue pattern. I really like the blue color, it "lifts" the lense and makes it look almost like it's glowing (like uv-lenses) in certain lights ! I like the design alot, It makes your eyes so pretty !

Design: 5/5

These are seriously the most comfortable lenses I've ever owned ! (Except from my 4-tones in grey)  They're soooo easy to put in and you don't even feel that you were lenses. But in the beginning you might notice it since the whole where the pupil is (in the middle) is pretty small so you might see the edge of the lense, but you'll get used to it after a couple of minutes. :D

Comfort: 5/5

The over all appearance is really "alien"-like, kind of. Haha, since the lenses is really big it doesn't look natural at all. BUT if you are going for a more fantasy kind of look these are the ones to go for ! They're gorgeous on and looks good with crazy makeups and loads of glitter and stuff. I wear them as everyday lenses since I usually want the more "crazy" fantasy-look.^^

Over all appearance: 5/5

~*More photos !

Klick this picture to get to the lenses directly ! ^_^

~*The cute package ! ^_^

And the super-cute lenses-case ! 

!!!! If you aren't used to big lenses I (personally) recommend that you try with circlelenses before you try out these mini sclera and the sclera lenses ! ^_^ !!!!

xoxo ~Jackie