Sunday, June 15, 2014

~*Long time no see !

Hi there cupcakes !

I've been SOOOO busy lately and I'm extremly sorry for that. :(

So, what have I been up to then ? Well, I've turned 21 May 11th and threw some partys that weekend with my family and some friends. It was fun and I got so much fun stuff ! \^o^/ My "broter" also turned 21 the same weekend, but the day before me, eheh. The same weekend me and my friend Björn visited a local market and bought some comicbooks and celebrated me.

Then I've been caught up in some work after that. Been designing and making a weddingdress for a girl that's getting married next weekend. She's picking it up tomorrow and I'm soooo exited over her face when she sees the final result. :3

I've also been hanging out with my wonderful friends !

BUT the biggest thing I've been doing is visiting SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL with my dear friend Endigo Skyborn, singer in the band Overworld ! ^_^ It was so much fun and we met new people to party with and stuff. We were at the festival for almost a whole week. When we got home I (sadly) managed to get really sick, so now I have to rest for a while. (Meaning: Not being able to do the reviews I want to. D:) Hopefully I'll get better SOON so I can do the reviews and all the stuff I want to !

If I'm feeling better in a week me, Tommy and Anton is going to Harukacon, a convention in Karlskrona where Overworld is going to play at. And also, Minori, the famous janapese shironuri artist is going to attend the convention and I'm really exited about meating her irl !

Now I'm off to talk to my friends who is here listening to music with me, eheh.

xoxo ~Jackie