Sunday, April 27, 2014

~*Uniqso, Limited stock !

Hi sweeties ! 

I have som news for you guys ! +UNIQSO have RESTOCKED the Barbie Bella 4-tones lenses and the Puffy 3-tones lenses after them being out of stock for a while. But it's limited stock, so hurry up and get yours now ! \(^o^)/
Barbie Bella 4 Tones or Puffy 3 Tones 

Me wearing my beloved Barbie Bella 4 Tones in grey ! <3

xoxo ~Jackie

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Okay, so right now it's almost 6.30am here in Sweden and I'm about to sleep very soon. (Just for a couple of hours though...) My day has been so great, really ! Arrived at the convention Fairycon around 1pm today. Been chillin' and making friends since then. I surprised my dear friends in Overworld by showing up on their consent, which was so much fun ! Kitcha (their roadie) knew about it all along but didn't tell anyone, 'cause we're sneaky ! After the concert and them signing pictures and taking photos we went with them to grab something to eat and then hit the bar Harry's in town. I along with my sister and Bollen had a really great time ! These hours has just been perfect. I've missed the people from Stockholm so incredible much, really.. <3

Also, a really BIG thank you to Endigo for saving my whole disaster of a week by giving the best hugs in the world. I think that I seriously could get lost in your hugs forever, haha. But just.. I've missed him soooooo much and argh.. Thank you my dear boouwh ! <3 Hope to see you soon again~ 

Now I'm going to sleep for two and a half hours, then call Endigo to kick his ass by phone until' he gets up. >:3 

I'll probably write a more detailed post about this later, when I'm not so freaking tired ! 

xoxo ~Jackie

Thursday, April 24, 2014

~*A bit under the weather..

Good "middle of the night" ! It's almost 4.30am over here and this girl is still not asleep ! Why ? Well, so much have been going on lately so my head has just kind of stopped working now. My (now ex) boyfriend was visiting me last week. It was so much fun and stuff, but the day he got home I got som disturbing news and we haven't been talking since.. I do miss him terrible, even if it probably is pretty stupid of me. But yeah. That's the main reason for me to still be awake. Still feeling a bit sad and stuff..

Let's listen to sad music, drink some blueberry-muffin tea and then try to get over it !
(Totally just realized that the singer is prettyyyy damn hot ! *^*)

In other news: (haha !) I'm starting to get somewhere with the weddingdress I'm currently making for a girl in my home-town. It's going to be gorgeous on her as soon as it's done. I'm not going to spoile too much, but it contains a whole lot of lace and purple rhinestones ! owo (You all know my love for sparkling thingies.. ^_^;)

Also ! This weekend me and my little sister is going away to meet som friends of ours. Hopefully it will turn out epic. And on sunday we're going away to (maybe) look for a dog for my little sis, haha.. She have gotten the permission from our mother to buy a dog if she stops smoking. Yep, that's my family. (She's 19yo so she does it leagally, but still. I don't do that, I'm the "good" sister. HAHA, just kidding. I'm not the good one even though I don't smoke. *sob*)

Well, going to check my e-mail for one last time and then I'm off to bed ! Really need to sleep at least a couple or hours since I've got so much stuff to do later today ! Washing clothing (and shoes... DON'T ask.) packing and just fixin' some more stuff so I'm ready to go on friday morning. *yawns*)

Hope you all cute things sleep well ! n_n <3

xoxo ~Jackie

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~*Lolitadressesonline Wig Review !

Hi kittens ! I've got another review for you today. n_n

This one is from 
(Click above to visit LolitaDressesOnline now !)

Stockphoto. Klick to order yours right now ! owo 

Look: 4/5
When the wig arrived I was a tiny bit dissapointed since it was brown and dark green, not brown and black as it was suppose to. But the minute i tried it on I was in love. The curles on this one is just gorgeous and would easily go great with Gyaru style as well ass classig/sweet lolita ! It's a wig with bangs but I have to sweep it aside since it's a bit too long to work as bangs like on the picture on me. But I'm really happy with the whole look. It gives you a romantic and really cute look !

Fit: 5/5
The fit is perfect for everybody since it's adjustable in the back. I (apparently) have a very tiny head so I have to have it as small as possible and it fits me just great ! No "complains" at all over here ! ^_^

Quality: 5/5+
I was prepared to use some dry-schampoo on this one before I got it home and realized I really didn't need to ! It wasn't shiny the way most wigs are at all. It looked all natural from the moment I got it until now. (I've got it almost two weeks ago and I've been using it almost every day since then !) It's very easy to take care of and brush. No tangles and it really looks brand new every time. It's the most easy wig to take care of I've ever had. (I own 10 wigs.)

Over all: 5/5
I am really in love with this wig even though it was kind of a miss with the black/green color. It works fine with the whole "I'm so dark" look as well as it's a great fit for a gyaru/lolita outfit and makeup. I just love it ! It arrived pretty fast too. Barely two weeks to sweden.^^

~*The wig with flash on*~

~*Without flash*~

~*How a good quality-wig should look inside*~


~*Some pictures of me wearing it ! n_n*~

Indoors in good lightning.

Indoors in not so good lightning.

Indoors in daylight

Indoors in fair light.

Outdoors in daylight. (It looks so real !)

Thank you LolitaDressesOnline ! :*

xoxo ~Jackie

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

~*Uniqso Dolly Eyes Pop C Light Green Review

Hi cupcakes !

Another review for lenses from +UNIQSO  ! n_n

Lenses: Dolly Eyes Pop C Light Green

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 15.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months

The design (as you can see) is pretty simple. It kind of reminds me of a cute flower and spring ! The dark circle arond the lense combined with the very light green color makes them more interesting than I thought they'd be when I first ordered them. They felt kind of boring in the beginning, but after a while I started to like them more. They cover your own eye-color pretty good, so if you really don't want your color to shine through so much, these are the ones to go for ! (Also, I love that the black also is in the "print" on the lense, not just around it. It actually makes the design a whole lot more interesting.)


When it comes to comfort these isn't the most comfortable lenses I own. It took me some time to get used to these. (Never used this size before) but after just a little while I forgot I was wearing them and now it's okay ! They still aren't as comfortable as for example the Barbie Bella 4-tones I own, but I'm really not "bothered" by these either. This is however the best way of dealing with uncomfortable circle lenses

Comfort: 4/5

The over all appearance is actually very cute and kind of.. I don't know, "flirty" ? I combined them with purple makeup and freckles and got a really cute result. They does make your eyes pop since they're pretty big and do have the dark cirkle around. If you want a really cute everyday spring-inspired look I'd really recommend these !

Over all appearance: 5/5

~*More Photos*~ 
(Klick the picture above to visit Uniqso !)

~*Arrived Lenses !*~

Extra BIG plus for the stickers on the cases ! 
Now I can tell wich one is the left one and even when they expires.^^


Right now Uniqso have a 3 days Easter Promotion ! (19th - 23rd Apr)
Buy 2 pairs (minimum) of lenses and get one pair for free. n_n 

xoxo ~Jackie

Sunday, April 13, 2014

~*Where did my freetime go ...?

Spent the whole weekend in Svängsta with my family. Celebrated mum yesterday.

Going home today, apparently Robin and Cornelia wanted to match some movie with me tonight, so I'll probaly meet them and have a movienight or something. I really do need to clean my room also since Primus this morning told me that he's coming down here earlier than we've planned from the beginning. But I'm not complaining !

Jimmy (my "extra-brother, dunno) scared the living crap out of me a couple of hours ago also. I was half asleep (...) watching a movie and he suddenly just opened the door and scared me. ;-; Well, yeah. I guess that's my weekend.

Wore my @Uniqso Beuberry Poppy Blue yesterday ! Review is coming up soon. :"3 

Sneaky peaks !

xoxo ~Jackie

Friday, April 11, 2014

~*Happy B-day !

Today my mum turns 44 so a very very BIG Happy Birthday to her ! Wihoo~

Right now I'm out in the woods somewhere in Blekinge drinking Oboy, haha ! We've been celebrating by eating pizza and drinking champagne. (Not at the same time ofc.)

I've recieved a wig and two pairs of lenses this week and Reviews are coming up as soon as I've actually got the time.. It's almost 12am over here and tomorrow we're going to celebrate my mother with her side of the family and stuff, so yeah.. Busy days !

Hope you all are alright ! I'm so sorry for not updating like I want to about what I want to, I'm working with so much stuff It's crazy. Next week Primus is visiting (<3) and I'm going to start sewing the weddingdress I'm working on for real, not just the toile. ^_^;

Well, I'm off to bed. (Soon !) Good night cuties. Don't let the bed-bug bite. :*

xoxo ~Jackie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

~*I feel like Leonard in The Big Bang Theory

Good evening sweetiepies !

I'm alive, eheh. ^_^; (Surprise !)

No but seriously. These last couple of day's I've actually been spending some time with my oldest littlesister. We've been talking about hair and stuff. She's going to borrow my blond curly dreads since her hair is really damaged. She color it waaaay too much, more than I do ! And that's a lot. So yeah, right now she's a redhead, but the dreads'll make her blonde ! n_n

Also, this Monday two packages arrived at the "post-office" (lokal supermarket near my mums place) but I coulnd't get them until today. Guess what..? It was one from +UNIQSO and one from LolitaDressesOnline. Today I am one happy girl I tell you ! The reviews on the lenses and the wig I recieved will be up asap here. Probably tomorrow or on Friday, depending on how long my meeting tomorrow is.

Today I also went to the second last Style edvice class. I'm pretty sad that it's coming to an end. Wish it would be longer, really. :c Oh well, guess I'll have to find something else fun to do on Wednesdays instead, haha !

About the title, this sentence is stuck in my brain ! Where does it come from then ? It's actually a really.. I don't know, pretty (?) little story ! Last time I hang out with my boyfriend we were throwing a party with some of my friends. Primus and I was in my room getting ready. (To understand the meaning of this you should have seen the serie The Big Bang Theory and also know that that's what I have on my computer almost every night since it's very good to fall astleep to. I need noices in the background when I'm sleeping.) Anyways, I did my makeup, put my wig on and turned around. Primus laughed and kissed me and told me "I feel like Leonard in TBBT". I asked why and he replied: "Cause you're wat too for me. Like Penny is way too hot for Leonard." Hahaha, this really made my night ! So cute ! o3o

Well, now I'm going to play some Aion, or just sleep. I'm so tired and I have a meeting already at 1 pm tomorrow. YES, that's early for me. I'm a real night-owl.

One happy girl with her new wig and Barbie Bella 4 tones grey lenses from Uniqso ! \(^_~)/ <3

xoxo ~Jackie

Monday, April 7, 2014

~*More fashion ?

Good evening cutiepies !

It's in the middle of the night over here and I'm going to bed soon. (It's currently 00.15 am in Sweden.) I can't really sleep right now though.. I have so much stuff going on at the same time, it feels weird but at the same time it's so much fun ! Last week was kind of crappy, like really REALLY crappy. So let's make this one epic ! n_n

I want to write about fashion, makeup and just... Appearance over all. (Brace for upcoming posts about shitloads of Japanese street fashion and stuff like that.) But I would really like to know (also) what you like to read about. I'm open to suggestions !^^ The first fashion-inspired post is coming up later today, when I'm home from the EC.

But anyways, right now I'm talking with Primus in Skype and listening to some music. I haven't really been sleeping so well this past week and because of that I've begun to play som Aion again ! (Aion Free To Play on EU servers.) If there's someone who also plays there feel free to find me ! (Itzumi, Bard on Anuhart server.) It's actually really funny. Aion have updated sooo much since I started to play it with Kinoko 2009. I have a thing for cute and beautiful games as well as stuff, so this game kind of suits me like the hand in the glove !

Some pictures.. I really love the muschroom-thingys on the second picture. I wish you could have one of them as a pet irl. Oh how I wish.. ;-;

Well, I'm off to bed !

xoxo ~Jackie

Saturday, April 5, 2014

~*Uniqso contests !

Uniqso is right now having not one but TWO competitions ! 

On facebook: 

Each winner get 2 pairs of circle lenses, 1 skin care product, 
2 pairs of eyelashes and 1 makeup accessories.
  The competition ends the 25th April 2014 so make sure you join in ! 

Read more and enter it by clicking the words "I love Ulzzang Contest" above ! n_n

On Instagram:

Each winner get 2 pairs of popular lenses, 1 skin care product, 
2 pairs of eyelashes and 1 makeup accessories.
The competition ends in the end of the month, 
so if you do have Instagram make sure you join it !
If you dont, sign up and join. :3 
(Also, follow @Uniqso and @raiinb0wh0e ^^)

Read more and enter it by blicking the words "Insta Selfie Contest" above.

xoxo ~Jackie

~*The passed week

Hi cutiepies !

This passed week has been kind of crazy and I haven't really had the time to update my blog ! I'm so sorry for that ! ;-;

Anyways !
This week I've (finally) got myself a new WORKING computer, hurraaaaay ! I've been to another class and I've been spending time with my beloved friends. And, well.. Let's just say that myself and some of my friends learned to appreciate our lives a bit more this week..

So, I really hope everything is alright with all of you ! ^_^

Tonight my dear friends from Overworld is playing live in Lindesberg (close to Örebro in Sweden) and I really do hope they kick the roof of the whole city ! Or, I'm pretty sure they actually do, haha. If you haven't already checked them out, do it here !

Or just klick play ! ^_^ (One of my favorite songs they've made !)

Got som news from Uniqso also, 
going to share them with you soon ! :* 

xoxo ~Jackie