Thursday, March 27, 2014

~*You are so brave !

Hi there bonbons ! I've been busy the last couple of days and haven't found the time to write a decent blog post. I'm so sorry for that ! *hiding face in my hands*

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to this "Style Advice course" again. It was really funny ! Another girl joined us today also. (She has told me that I'm very brave for looking like I do. It's kind of flattering since I just see my style and my looks as ordinary. In my eyes I don't look different. I look like me !) We discussed different styles through the years and stuff like that. One girl told us about her life and how she was taught about how to look and how to act in her home country. It was very interesting to listen to 'cause it was so different from what I've been taught since I was a kid. (Implying that I'm not a kid anymore even though people still think I'm 14.. I'm soon 21 for god's sake !) Anyways. Our course trainer Sofia thought it was a good idea if I talked about how I was taught about how to look and act since I'm so different.  I think it's a fun idea actually, so I'm going to write about how I became the "Jackie" I am today !

First of all, I come from a family where tattoos and colored hair already exists. Nothing new here. My dad was in to the whole Punk-style when he was in my age and my mother.. Well, I actually don't know what style she wears. But it looks nice and suits her ! (She has pierced ears, sometimes purple hair, tattoos, relaxed and at the same time kind of cute and feminine style.) 

As long as I can remember I've always had the chance to affect my look. Choosing what to wear to school and stuff like that. When I was 10 (I think) the fashion among girls in my age was to have some colored highlights in their hair. Mostly neutral (fading) colors. Me and my sister wanted that too. But we got blue ones. Our mother never stopped us from doing our own thing. So I think that was when it all started. (Random input: As a kid I was against everything girly-girly. I hated pink, didn't like horses aso. I was weird already !)

When I turned 13 I colored my whole hair for the first time. It went from blond to red. Not a big deal today, but then it was huge ! I was a slave to the whole fashion thing. I looked in magazines and stores and dreamed about becoming a traveling journalist. (Like a normal 13yo girl, right ?) Mum always told us that we could be whatever we wanted to. My goal was a journalist since I loved (still do) writing and reading. I also dew a lot when I was a kid. It was my talent. To draw. I could spend hours on my grandmothers porch just drawing. People, our neighbors house and random cartoon figures. I found this magazine called "W.I.T.C.H" (I had just stopped reading about Disney princesses.) and the girls in that cartoon was so different and magical. I wanted to look like them, but at the same time not since they looked so weird.

I started" high school" (7:th grade) 2007 (I was 14 then) and right before I did that one of my little sisters was in a car accident. It was a hard time for all of us and it made me grow up a lot faster than I maybe was supposed to. During the summer before high school I bleached my hair almost white and changed my style from "ordinary fit in fashion" to red skinny jeans, an oversized shimmy and a black vest. I started to do my makeup a bit darker and just changed my whole style. (Including skipping my glasses.) It was so
"successful" that not even the boys I had known since kindergarten recognized me the first day. I started to play with makeup and different styles. I found out what a straightener was and I used it on a regular basis. I kept on drawing and I also started to sing a lot more than I had done before. The more "me" I became the more people started to call me weird. I didn't follow the typical "brat" fashion that existed on my school, even though my best friend was the "biggest brat girl" on the school. I wanted to express myself, be myself. My mother supported me through it all. The only things I didn't get to do was any piercings (except my ears, those were okay.) or tattoos.

In 8:th grade I colored my hair from blond, to blond and black, to black and brown withing 4 months. A guy in my class asked me what was next up. Pink ? He didn't think I would do it so he dared me. Before January 2008 ended I was supposed to have pink hair. Said and done. The last day in January I turned up with pink hair to school and shocked them all. My teachers along with the rest of the school thought it was a wig. I kind of found myself that year. I got my first boyfriend, (My best friends big brother who was 2 years older than me and went to the gymnasium. 10:th grade) I got friends with the same interests as me (Drawing Japanese stuff like manga.) and I explored a lot more music. Green Day became my favorite band already in 6:th grade and they were the ones to introduce me to a more different and "brave" style. Kind of punk-is. (The sc. emo-style. Although that's not the right name for that style I learned later. The right term is Scene/Emotional Hardcore/Scene Core aso.) When I met these new people (Just a couple of them actually. There isn't many around here.. Or at least wasn't then.) they introduced me to this whole new world with Japanese music and street fashion. I fell in love instantly with the whole "Lolita" style, (NOT from the book or movie Lolita...) but I couldn't find it anywhere to buy so I just did the whole Scene thing. In 9:th grade I was blond again with rainbowhighlights in my hair and used extensions. I wore fishnet stockings to school with fluffy skirts and ripped shirts. My makeup was always silver and black with some rhinestones in different colors around my eyes. At this time I was also a cheerleader and danced a lot combined with doing musik and drawing/painting. I ended high school with a "bang". I sang my favorite song "A lonely September" on stage with my rainbowhair and a leopard patterned dress and than said good bye to my hometown.

At the age of 16 (2009) I moved to Hässleholm to study fashion since I wanted to do this Japanese Lolita style for real. I didn't know anyone there at all. I ended up in a class with 23 other girls. No one was like me. They all followed this "typical" fashion that was popular then. (Black tights, oversized shirt and a big scarfs. I went to school with my teased pastel pink hair and corset-dresses combined with platform shoes. There was one more like me, an actual Lolita who also sang and played guitar. Unfortunately I didn't get to know her that well since she studied  last year and I first. I colored my hair black during the winter and became a Gothic Lolita. I wore it for some months, then I changed in to Scene again with rainbow clothes, funny colored hair,
false eyelashes, colorful makeups and stuff like that. In the beginning of
my first year there began a new girl in our class. She also wore this "scene/Japanese" inspired style and we became close friends. We played a lot of computer games together online and she later ended up being the bassist in my band. The last year in the gymnasium I became more interested in this whole Lolita style again and I sewed my own graduation-dress with inspiration from the PC game "Alice; Madness Returns" (Alice's classical blue dress) but I did it in a lolita inspired way. I fell in love with the Lolita fashion once again, but it took me almost a whole year to actually start to wear it in public.

Last year (2013) was the whole beginning of my Sweet/Hime Lolita style combined with inspiration from Japanese street fashion. I met a lot of new friends from bigger cities during Sweden Rock Festival.They were interested in the same things, music and fashion as I was, and still am, and they kind of "pushed" me into becoming the girl I wanted to be. To be "brave" enough to go out looking like a doll. I've always been different, but this is a different kind of different. A thing that isn't so usual anywhere except in Japan and Korea. Now I wear the things I feel comfortable in. I were lenses, do this crazy makeups and makes my own dolly clothing in human size. I don't think it's a weird fashion. It's totally normal to me. n_n

 Me and some of my beloved friends ! <3

My family (mum and dad) have always supported me 
when it comes to doing my own thing when everyone else just have shaken their heads and pointed at me.  My relatives find me really strange most of the time, but my grandmother have also (almost) always supported me. Even if she (with my mother) hated when I did my piercings and my tattoo. But they don't say anything now a days 'cause they know I wont change anyways.

I don't really see why people call me brave since I'm just me, I'm raised to do my own thing and be stubborn about it. But thank you anyways ! My best advice to you if you want to change your style but doesn't dare to do it. Change at home first, become comfortable in the style you want and allow yourself to grow with it. Even if it's just a different eyeshadow or a couple of shoes. It's still a step on the way to your final goal.

Feel free to ask questions if I've missed something you want to know! n_n <3

xoxo ~Jackie

Monday, March 24, 2014

~*Cosy Monday-time !

Well, here I am at LjungLjungs place with him and Robin, wohoo ! Right now they're playing Zelda and I'm not doing anything special at all. Just.. Derp. I've been playing some guitar though. I'm really bad at it 'cause I haven't been playing for ages. But it's all coming back to me now. (Almost !)

I've ordered two new pair of lenses from now and I can't wait until they arrive, really. I'm not going to spoil anything (yet) but I've never ever had the color I ordered before !" (At least not one of them... ^_^;)

Tomorrow I don't have anything planned actually. I'm just going to stay home, drink some tea and watch a but load of movies I think. On Wednesday It's time for my next "Style Advice-class" and I'm really exited about it. Hopefully we get to draw something soon. owo

It's so empty without pictures so I'm going to steal one from LjungLjungs computer.. >:3

Here you go ! n_n
Actually managed to find one of LjungLjung himself ! 8)

xoxo ~Jackie

Sunday, March 23, 2014

~*The making of a tv-show

As you all know I visited the Swedish Idol audition yesterday with my friend Anna. It was so weird ! Not what I expected at all. Everyone was really tired and kind of "shy". The tv-people run aroud alot, filmed, taked to people and tried to make them (us) less tired by making them (us) move around alot and bring in a whole orchestra to play at the stage. But over all it was fun ! Met two new friends, Marta and Agnes. Agnes was the one who was trying out for Idol, her voice is truly amazing ! She sang and played Zombie (The Cranberries) and I was just speachless. She did make it trough the first jury, but sadly not further. Anna didn't make it either... :( But we had alot of fun and it was totally worth going there !

On the way home I actually fell asleep on the train, I never do that.. At least I didn't miss my stop !

Today I've done nothing actually ! Played with some makeup and talked to Tyler about random stuff. Kind of funny. It's sad that he lives so far away, we really do work good as friends. Also, I want to kick his ass in videogames ! >:3

Now I'm off to see some NCIS and then sleep or something. Feeling kind of anxious right now, but I'll be alright.

xoxo ~Jackie

Friday, March 21, 2014

~*Swedish Idol, pink hair and tutorials ?!?

Well, this is a surprise even for me... A friend of mine just texted me and wondered if I want to go to Malmö (Swedens third largest city) tomorrow 'cause she is trying out for Swedish Idol. And, well... I'm always up for an adventure so I couldn't say no.. owo I'm superexited even though I'm not the one that's going to try out to be an Idol. I do sing, but I don't think Idol is my thing to be honest... I'm more in to the japanese kind of music. ^_^;

Also, I paniked over my ugly hair today so I almost forced Elin to color it. The whole thing ended up with her boyfriend, Fabian, doing it instead since Elin is lazy. >:3 It's not done yet. (Right now my whole head is full of bleach...) What color I'm ending up with is still a mystery to me tbh. I'm thinking pastel-pink and pastel-blue but I don't know... I'd love to try ombre hair with lavendel and pastel-blue. But I don't think I have any lavendel (or violet) haircolor home right now.. So, yeah. I'll have to keep you updated on this.

Also, if you guys haven't already checked out my makeup tutorials on youtube I'd be sooooo happy if you did. They're feauturing Uniqso circle lenses. Optional, but still. They really do make my makeups come together really nice !

xoxo ~Jackie


Well.. Just realized I've been really bad at updating this blog when it comes to my looks, fashion aso. I'm going to change that ! Outfit pics for everyone ! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

No but seriously. I've been feeling kind of under the weather lately and thanks to that I've been bad at updating about things that makes me happy. Like lolita fashion, Japanese street fashion over all, music, makeup and more. So, well... I'll start this whole "get your life together" with a picture of me in my (currently) favorite lolita outfit. n_n 

My first real homemade lolita dress. I'm pretty happy about it actually and I've received a lot of nice comments ! <3 

And other "news"... It's almost 4.30am over here and I'm still awake. Next up: NCIS and some beauty-sleep. 

xoxo ~Jackie

~*Uniqso Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet

Hi bonbons !

Here's my next review from Uniqso ! ^~^

Lenses: Dolly Eye blytheye Violet

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 2 tones
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months

The design on these are very sipmple. Kind of "grainy" with a darker circle around. I like it, but not as much as I like other designs. It feels kind of.. "Boring" I think. But that's probably 'cause I'm used to other more detailed designs. They doesn't cover your own eyecolor to 100% wich makes the design when you actually wear them a little bit more interesting.

Design: 3/5

The color on these actually surprised me a lot. When they're in the lense-case or when they were in the bottles they arrived in they look kind of dull purple... But when I did put them on for the first time i was happily surprised with the bright purple color. Since they're so bright and purple they don't look natural at all, so I don't recommend these if you're looking for a more natural design. But for cute lolitas or cosplay they're beyond perfect !

Color: 5/5

These lenses are 14.8mm in diameter, which is smaller than the ones I usually wear. They do make your eyes look bigger and "pop" since they still are larger than your natural iris and do have the dark circle around the outer edge.  But you don't look like you're an "alien" when you were them. ;)  (At least not because of the enlargening effect !)

Enlargement: 4/5

When it comes to comfort I kind of had a hard time getting used to these lenses. I don't actually know why, but after a while it was okay. They're really comfortable now and I love wearing them since I don't feel that I'm actually wearing lenses when I'm wearing these. I also had some trouble putting them on in the beginning (I've never worn such small lenses. I'm used to the 16mm circle lenses.) but after a few times I got the hang of how to put them on without any trouble. n_n You can on the other hand read this how to remove & wear circle lens guide to save your time and energies. 

Comfort: 5/5
The over all appearance is really cute ! As I mention before I think these lenses are more for cosplay than the natural "everyday-look". But if you're like me and like to go a bit crazy even on a normal day you'll love these lenses ! They're a show-stopper for real with the right makeup !^^,

Over all appearance: 5/5
~*More Photos*~

~*The cute box and bottles the lenses arrives in !*~




Good news from Uniqso !
If you buy 2 pair of lenses or more the Express shipping fee will be:
  • Singapore - from $5
  • Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Brunei - from $8.00
  • Korea, Australia, Nepal, New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan, United States, Canada -  from $10.00
  • West, North & South Europe - from $15.00
  • East Europe - from $16.00
  • Middle East, Middle Asia & South America - from $18.00 

As always, use the code "hotti" in the check out and recieve your 10% discount on your order ! \(^.^)/ 

xoxo ~Jackie

Thursday, March 20, 2014

~*Style advice

Good morning sweeties ! Yeah, I know. It's in the middle of the night... I'm kind of a night-owl to be honest. No, I didn't wake up now. But someone just did somewhere. owo

Anyways ! Attended the first class in Style advice today. It was pretty fun. Much of the stuff that was brought up I already knew since my time at "fashionschool", but it was nice to refresh my memory a bit. We talked alot about personalities and different styles (ofc). Japanese street-fashion was a pretty big and interesting thing to discuss. We were only three people there. Me, another "student" (31 year old) and the "teacher". We're the test-group, eheh. I'm going to write mor about this class when we've had our next lesson. (Next Wednesday.)

2,5 hours later I walked over to LjungLjungs place and waited for the train home. We discussed random things and played some Zelda. Wiiih~

Right now I'm currently working on my next review for Uniqso. It will be up later today when I'm done with all the editing and stuff. (^_^)

Well, I'm soon of to bed I think. My jaw is soon out of it's regular location 'cause of all the yawning going on..

A "sneaky peek" on the review !(/.\)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~*Uniqso Barbie Bella 4 tones grey circlelenses

Hello cutiepies !
This is my first blog post in english ever, so please bare with me if it's not 100% correct.. ^_^;

I'm sponsored by Uniqso lenses and this is my first review.

Lenses: Barbie Bella 4 tones grey

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 4 tones
Diameter: 16.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 12 months

I really do love the design on these lenses. It's pretty simple, 4 different tones of gray/purple. They look pretty natural since the design doesn't cover your own eye color to 100%. I have grey/blue eyes and they blend together perfect with my eye color. Some of my friends couldn't even tell that i wore leses.

Design: 4/5

The color is very cute and, as i mentioned before, doesn't cover your own natural eye color 100% which makes them alot more natural looking and perfect for your everyday makeup.


Since the dark ring around the lense actually is very visible on these ones it really makes your eyes look bigger. Alot bigger ! (The fact that they're 16.2mm makes alot too.^^)

Enlargement: 5/5

These lenses are actually the most comfortable lenses I've ever owned. After you've put them on you totally forget you're even wearing them. Lenses this big sometimes irritates my eyes, but these don't do that at all. Although since they're so big they thend to dry your eye out a bit, so never weare them more than 8 hours at a time ! Sometimes circle lenses are uncomfortable because your eyes are not in habit of wearing them. Reading these tips will help you: Getting used to circle lenses very quickly
If unfortunately you still think your circle lenses are uncomfortable it is better to trace the reason behind: Uncomfortable circle lenses

Comfort: 5/5

The over all appearance is just gorgeous ! I really love everything about these lenses and I recommend these to anyone who want's a "simple", natural and beautiful look. Also, although they're so big they're really easy to put on !

Over all appearance: 5/5

~*More photos*~ 

~*The (ultra-cute) box and bottles the lenses arrives in !*~


~*And a little collage*~

~~~~Don't forget to use the code "hotti" in the check out to recieve your 10% discount !~~~~

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Har varit en aning (fett) inaktiv på denna bloggen ett tag nu. Har knappt bloggat alls någonstans på senaste ärligt talat. Mycket har hänt, orkar inte ens rabbla upp allting, inte i detta inlägg åtminstone. 

Kommer börja skriva på engelska här inom det närmsta då jag ska göra reviews på linser för Uniqso, men just detta inlägg blir på svenska... ^_^; 

Väntar på LjungLjung och Sara för att åka med dem bort till Robin och Cornelia. Vad vi egentligen ska göra har jag inte en aning om, men det blir säkert bra ändå. 

Myoo, måste dra igen. Uppdaterar sen igen när jag faktiskt (läs kanske) har något viktigare att skriva. Nu tjafsar jag bara. >.<